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U.S. Olympic Trials – Road To Rio

2016 U.S. Olympic Table Tennis Trials Player’s List

2016 U.S. Olympic Table Tennis Trials Player’s List

USA Table Tennis has released the participants list for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Table Tennis Trials. The trials take place in Greensboro, NC on February 4-6, 2016 at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex Special Events Center.

Women’s Participants

Name USATT ID State Club
1 Ackerman, Estee 81538 NY Westchester TT
2 Chu, Isabel 71674 CA WCTTA
3 Deb, Ishana 77237 CA ICC
4 Guan, Angela 77760 CA SVTTC
5 Huang, Laura 77689 TX Houston TTA
6 Hugh, Judy 14203 NJ Lily Yip TTC
7 Huo, Luvena 83419 CA SVTTC
8 Jha, Prachi 34653 CA WCTTC
9 Lin, Tina 70762 NJ Lily Yip TTC
10 Lu, Ying 73292 PA
11 Sung, Rachel 82232 CA ICC
12 Tran, Sabrina 82860 NJ Triangle Table Tennis
13 Wang, Amy 76235 NJ Lily Yip TTC
14 Wang, Chen 22153 NY Wang Chen’s Table Tennis Club
15 Wang, Crystal 77897 MD MDTTC
16 Zhang, Lily 31126 CA ICC

Men’s Participants

Name USATT ID State Club
1  Alguetti, Gal 83382 NJ Westchester NY
2 Alguetti, Adar 83381 NJ Westchester NY
3 Alguetti, Sharon 83383 NJ Westchester NY
4 Alto, James Earl 22497 CA after school learning tree
5 Averin, Alex 81774 OH Tri-County Cleveland
6 Avvari, Krishnateja 72387 CA ICC
7 Badillo, Scott 89498 OH Samson D. TT Academy
8 Bedi, Vijit 9513 CA WCTTA
9 Beebe, T.J 63227 GA AITTA
10 Berman, Charlie 83587 NC Triangle Table Tennis
11 Brabrook Neville 61823 FL Central Florida Table Tennis Club
12 Carney, Alec 8357 NC Triangle Table Tennis
13 Chodri, Kunal 72393 CA ICC
14 Chu, Anthony 71673 CA WCTTA
15 Chu, Stephen 74580 NJ LYTTC
16 Chui, Sherman 33627 IL
17 Cochran, Joseph 10130 UT South Bend TTC
18 Dubina, Samson 9051 OH Samson D. TT Academy
19 Dulkin, Daniel 28437 MI Davison Athletic Club
20 Ebuen, Ernesto John 22066 NY NY City TTA
21 Freithofnig, Ludovic 79163 NY ITTA
22 Friedman, Oliver 77876 CA Westside Table Tennis Club
23 Friend, Chance 31426 TX Minnesota Table Tennis
24 Gao, Yanjun 32607 NY New York Indoor Sports Club
25 Goldstein. Emile 35343 NY Wang Chen’s Table Tennis Club
26 Gordon, Evan 85914 IN Indianapolis Table Tennis Club
27 Guilfoil, Bill 6303 KS op racket club
28 Hamilton, Don 27945 OH Dayton
29 Hazinski, Mark 915 TX North Texas Table Tennis Center
30 Hsin, Jeffrey 59896 NY Hsin
31 Hsu, Nathan 33874 MD MDTTC
32 Hugh, Adam 14204 NJ Lily Yip TTC
33 Jafar-Ali, Shuja 59942 CA SVTTC
34 Jha, Kanak 72193 CA WCTTA
35 Ke, Roy 80854 MD MDTTC
36 Kumar, Nikhil 84326 CA ICC
37 Kutler, Toby 30467 MD MDTTC
38 Landers, Michael 33676 NY WCTTA
39 Leibovitz, Thal 59932 NY NY Table Tennis
40 Li, Peter 21028 CA ICC
41 Liu, Victor 78385 CA SVTTC
42 Lupulesku, Ilija 4011 IL Killerspin
43 Mai, Phuong 201503 CA The TopSpin
44 Nadmichettum Ragu 20617 MD MDTTC
45 Needle, Matthew 87450 NY Westchester TTC
46 Ngo, Harrison 89471 TN Newgy TTC
47 Nie, Derek 77564 MD MDTTC
48 Pech, Seth 32337 OH Strongville TTC
49 Preiss, Austin 24208 MO Club Lindenwood University, MO
50 Preiss, Scott 9201 CO
51 Reed, Barney 44775 CA Stick Man Skills Center
52 Rockwell, Sam 86900 NY
53 Schuback, Joshua 86633 NY Westchester TTC
54 Shah, Aarsh 72189 CA ICC
55 Shodhan, Shashin 55220 CA Fremont TT Academy
56 Snider, Nicholas 18498 KY Cincinnati Table Tennis Club
57 Tio, Nicolas 83413 CA Grace Lin TTC
58 Tran, Michael 80507 MN RTTC/ XNT5
59 Tran, Theodore 73757 CA California TT
60 Vasquez, Jerry 59330 NH Boston TTC
61 Wang, Allen 69905 NJ Lily Yip TTC
62 Wang, Jack 79359 NJ ITTA -NJ
63 Wang, Siliang 75481 CA SVTTC
64 Wang, Timothy 18537 TX ITTA -NJ
65 Whitmeyer, Michael 83774 NC Triangle Table Tennis

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