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Ask The Experts: Coach Shigang Yang

Ask The Experts: Shigang Yang, No. 101

Ask The Experts: Shigang Yang, No. 101
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer

Blade: Butterfly Grubba Carbon
Forehand Rubber:
Joola Express Two 2.0mm
Backhand Rubber: Yasaka Anti Power 2.0mm

Question: Hello,

I always played with the same equipment since I began +- 15 years ago. It’s the first time i meet a change in the game with the NEW balls.

My blade is now a little too slow on the forehand and my anti power in the backhand is now not a problem for the opponents and I can’t attack with backhand because I have less power than before. I tried to use an old model of blade (Boll Forte); it was better with the backhand but too fast with the forehand. During this year, I tried different blades but I don’t arrive to the feel like with the old balls (often too hard). I need to have a soft feeling. Do you think I have to use a Tackiness C on the backhand? How much millimeters? I ‘m afraid that I can’t return the the serve without anti power… During the game, my backhand becomes a problem because it’s now easy for the others with anti power and I wins points only with forehand shots. I don’t put a lot of effect on the forehand but it’s a sure forehand. Give me please advice on materials to use because I lose all my happiness to play that sport from the arrival of the new balls and I really feel that I lose more matches against weaker players.

Thank you very much.

Coach Shigang Yang, Ask The ExpertsAnswer: Hi Didier,

I suggest you use Feint Long II 1.0mm on the backhand to control the ball much better.

You can use Tenergy 05 on the forehand for more attack.

Best of luck!

Shigang Yang
Head Coach, Atlanta International Table Tennis Academy

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