Tomakazu Harimoto at the WTTC 2017 - SHAKES UP THE WORLD

Tomakazu Harimoto at the WTTC 2017

(Courtesy of ITTF)
Tomakazu Harimoto at the WTTC 2017 – SHAKES UP THE WORLD
With attributes like ‘prodigy’ and ‘exceptional talent’, Tomokazu Harimoto, who turned 13 years old at the end of June, has been showered with superlatives in Japan and has attracted the highest expectations. Since his first year in primary school, he won several national titles and enjoys a similar media attention in Japan as the other senior stars of the Japanese table tennis world.

Tomokazu HARIMOTO – Origin and first successes

omokazu HARIMOTO was born on 27.6.2003. His hometown is Sendai in the Miyagi Prefecture. The attacking player is right-handed shake-hands grip player.

Despite his young age, Harimoto’s game not only stuns senior professionals – but most frequently causes their downfall! Among them seasoned professionals like Jens Lundquist and Tan Ruiwu plus other top youngsters as TTBL players Hugo Calderano or Anton Källberg.

In the Under 15 world rankings Harimoto currently is at #2 and #24 in the Under 18 category. Since his first year at primary school, Tomokazu managed to qualify for the Japanese championships – and dominated several age categories. Only Ai FUKUHARA, in the girls’ events has previously enjoyed similar success.

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