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Sally Moyland – Taiwan Cadet Trip Report

(By Sally Moyland) The Taiwan cadet national team qualification tournament has been my next goal since I made the mini-cadet team back in 2019. The tournament was located in Tainan in the south of Taiwan and lasted for four days. My mom drove us down south for three and a half hours to get there. […]

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Bowmar Sports Challenge Match: Estefania Ramirios vs. Logan Rietz

(by Steve Hopkins) In recent weeks, the Bowmar Sports Team have conducted a series of challenge matches.  Most of these matches have included at least one Bowmar Staff member, but we’ll label these as Butterfly Family matches – as these challenges have sometimes extended beyond our own staff to others in our close circle of […]

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Coaching Tip of the Week: Sometimes Hit Twice to the Same Spot

(By Larry Hodges) In table tennis, it’s good to keep moving the ball around to make an opponent move. You should play all three spots – wide forehand, wide backhand, and middle (roughly the opponent’s elbow, the transition point between forehand and backhand). However, sometimes you want to go to the same place twice. Here […]

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WAB Club Feature: NY Indoor Sports Club

(by Steve Hopkins) With their club location in College Point, just off of the 678/Whitestone Expressway, the New York Indoor Sports Club is easily accessible from each of the Boroughs of New York City. They have a large facility that features 17 tables, a pro shop, high ceilings, great lighting, and professional flooring.  The NYISC has […]

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PongNow: Stephanie Sun

(by Steve Hopkins) The PongNow interview series discusses table tennis with some of the best players and personalities in the sport. This week the guest is Stephanie Sun, who moved to the US after playing table tennis at her university in Hong Kong. She has now graduated from Duke University and is living and working […]

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USATT’S Thursday Night Live: The Rachel Yang Show

(by Steve Hopkins) USA Table Tennis continued its T2 Challenge Series this week.  The team format from previous versions has ended (Team Butterfly overcame Team Nittaku 6-3 in that Series).  This week, the event matches two top juniors against each other with the event held at the California Table Tennis Center, a Butterfly Club in […]

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PINGPOD Hosts Launch Party: Dora Kurimay Series

(by Steve Hopkins) This week, PINGPOD held a launch party celebration at their facility in Manhattan.  The event was to help promote Dora Kurimay’s new table tennis book and video series, My Stories of Mental Toughness On and Off the Table. The event marked a milestone in Dora’s life.  It was a celebration of her […]

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Ask The Experts: Truong Tu, No. 360

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question:  Hi- I am an intermediate player , have good forehand and learning my backhand to be aggressive. I have been using Nittaku / Darker speed/ Darker imperial for sometime with Dignics 09c 1.9mm forehand , but kept changing backhand rubbers. Now, I am using Timoball ALC, with dignics […]

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BUTTERFLY FAVORITES: The Control of Tiago Apolonia

(by Steve Hopkins) This is a 2014 video posted by TT Tributes.  The focus of the video is the control of Portugal’s Tiago Apolonia.  Tiago is known for great technique and great movement.  He is an exciting and mobile player who has developed a game with many safe and careful shots.  His style makes for […]

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AIBISS review by Sponsored Coaches and Olympian Tawny Banh

(By USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame – Tawny Banh) Butterfly released Aibiss in June of 2020. It is a very tacky, high-friction rubber with a specialized top sheet with a pimple shape that enables heavy spin as well as a curved arc over the net. It has the hardest sponge ever of all Butterfly […]

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Coaching Tip of the Week: Don’t Telegraph the Direction of Your Attack

October 12, 2020
(By Larry Hodges) Many players telegraph the direction of their attacking shot. Often, the opponent isn’t sure how… Read More

USATT Announcement: New Membership Options

October 12, 2020
(by Steve Hopkins) USA Table Tennis released a new, simplified membership structure for 2021.  Players will now be… Read More

WAB CLUB FEATURE: Fullerton Table Tennis Academy

October 11, 2020
(by Steve Hopkins) Fullerton Table Tennis Academy  is located off Imperial Highway in Fullerton, California.  The facility is near… Read More

2020 Chinese National Championship: Fan Tops Men’s Singles

October 10, 2020
(by Steve Hopkins) The 2020 Chinese National Championships concluded Saturday in Weihai.  As the rounds progressed, the deep… Read More

PongNow: Michael Landers

October 9, 2020
(by Steve Hopkins) The PongNow interview series discusses table tennis with some of the best players and personalities… Read More

Ask The Experts No. 359: Brian Pace

October 8, 2020
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question: Hello, My name is Daniel Boznea and i live in Romania.… Read More

Adriana Diaz, Puerto Rico’s “Athlete of the Decade”

October 6, 2020
(Courtesy of ITTF / by Kabir Nagpal) Winner of the women’s title at the Pan America Cup earlier… Read More

Ask The Experts: Liu Juan, No. 357

October 6, 2020
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question:  Hi, I have a Primorac carbon blade which was given to… Read More
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