Tag a Mate: My "Win" Over Timo Boll

Tag a Mate: My “Win” Over Timo Boll

(by Steve Hopkins)
Tag a Mate: My “Win” Over Timo Boll

Bradley Robbins is a 2000-level player from New Hampshire.  A video recently circulated of Bradley playing Timo Boll with the title “Tag a Mate Who Would Lose to a Right Handed Timo Boll”.
We caught up with Bradley at Thomas Keinath’s training facility in Hanau-Steinheim, Germany where he is training for three months. Keinath (a former Slovakian National Team member and two-time US Open Champion) runs a boarding program for players.  Bradley is currently training six days per week with 3 to 6 hours of drills per day. He indicated that they are working through may types of drills, multi-ball, and matchplay.  He added that “Keinath has helped my game a lot, especially my backhand and flips, which are some of Keinath’s best strengths in his own game”.
One advantage of being in a training facility with an international focus is the other players. Bradley’s training partners currently include four professional players from Indonesia who are also boarding at the facility. One of the better known training partners of Keinath is Timo Boll. Timo, the current No.1 player in the world, was a teammate with Keinath many years ago and the two won a European medal in doubles together. Not only has Bradley been able to watch them train together, but he has also been able to hit some with Timo. Bradley noted that “Sometimes Timo is happy to hit with me for a few minutes, which is an amazing experience – including sets from 8-8 with his right [off] hand, and a very short set from 8-8 with his left hand”. The video comes from one of these fun exchanges with Coach Keinath in the background cheering on Bradley as he defeats the somewhat handicapped Timo Boll.  See the complete video here.
Bradley will be attending Thomas Keinath’s training camp at Broward Table Tennis Club, June 10-13 this summer.  A previous article on the the camp can be found here.