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Ask The Experts: Xin Zhou, No. 161-A Butterfly Question & Answer

Ask The Experts: Xin Zhou, No. 161 – A Butterfly Question & Answer

The Experts: Xin Zhou, No. 161 – A Butterfly Question & Answer

Ask The Experts: Xin Zhou, No. 161 – A Butterfly Question & Answer
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer

Blade: Zhang Jike Super ZLC

Question: Hello, I am planning to buy “Zhang Jike Super ZLC-AN” Blade, and this is first time to change racket brand, before I was using Chinese brand “DoubleHappinessSports” Hurricane series also the rubber. But I don’t know about butterfly series, in China my used to help me change rubber, I just focus on game. Since I came to USA for College, I just using old rubber, it’s already no sticky feeling, so I want to ask what kind rubber you recommend for fore/back hand. Actually about my style I don’t know in English, it’s more like attack and looping I guess. Thank you!

Coach Xin Zhou, Ask The ExpertsAnswer:

Hi ZhongKang,

Wow! That’s a top of the line blade. You have no choice but put top of the line rubbers one it. I believe you play aggressively and spin the ball a lot. I do, too. I personally use the Tenergy series on my blade.
I think Tenergy 05 on the forehand and Tenergy 64 or Tenergy 64-FX on the backhand will be a good combination.

May I brag a little bit? Jike and I used to play doubles together when we were juniors.

Good luck at your game and school.
Zhou Xin
National Coach of USA
Coach at ICC Table Tennis in Milpitas, California