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Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer

Blade: Joola Falcon Medium
Forehand: NDonic Bluefire JP01
Backhand: Donic Coppa Jo Gold

Question: I am planning to buy Viscaria. Will Tenergy 05 on forehand and tenergy 64 work well with Viscaria and will this be a correct upgrade from my current setup.I hope this setup is not very fast and uncontrollable.I like to play away from the table and flat hip more than topspinning on backhand.

Coach Xin Zhou, Ask The ExpertsAnswer:

Hi Gunraj,

I’ve been using Viscaria myself for several years. I also recommended it to many of my students. Coincidentally, I use the exact Tenergy 05/64 rubber combination in your question. I found the speed and control perfect for modern games that spin the balls a lot. Having said that, I certainly feel comfortable to flat hit with my racket when I need to. However, I do recommend you to spin more in addition to flat hit. It will create another dimension of your game.

Have fun playing.

Zhou Xin
National Coach of USA
Coach at ICC Table Tennis in Milpitas, California