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Ask The Experts: Stefan Feth, No. 157 Question & Answer

Ask The Experts: Stefan Feth, No. 157 Question & Answer

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer
I need your kind advise on my new rubber-blade combination:
1. Rubber: Tenergy 80 which has overall 9.4 rating: speed 9.4, spin 9.4, and control 9.0.
2. Blade/racket: DHS Hurricane long 5 (V): overall 9.7 rating: speed 9.8, spin 9.3, and control 6.3
My questions are:
1. Do you think this combination good? my style is Off ++ (Was playing with MaxWood + Tenergy 64), middle distance table, love both spinning and speed as premium style.
2. Is there anything says we can’t combine both of them?
3. If you are using Hurricane long 5, and assume you have similar style of mine, then which rubber would you choose?

My style is OFF++ with love of Speed and Spin, Middle distance player.

Thanks for your support,




Hi Mohamed,

Thanks for your question and interest in Butterfly equipment.

I recommend for you to try Tenergy 05 for both forehand and backhand. Tenergy 05 is the ideal rubber for your mid distance attacking game with maximum spin and speed.

Hope you enjoy your new equipment!