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Ask The Experts: Nan Li, No. 162: A Butterfly Question & Answer

Ask The Experts: Nan Li, No. 162: A Butterfly Question & Answer

Ask The Experts: Nan Li, No. 162: A Butterfly Question & Answer

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer

Question: Hi. I’m a guy who plays once a month or so but I’ve gotten pretty good. I’ve been playing a Butterfly Hazinski pre-assembled paddle and though I like it, it’s time to upgrade. My style of play is varied, however, I never loop and I often chop. I like to control the table, and stay close…I never get outside of 2 or 3 feet from the back of the table for a shot. I like to use side spin and back spin after the first shot…however, I often use a fast serve with tons of over spin. I also want smooth matching rubbers on both sides (no pips out) and I also want it to be long lasting as I don’t want to be changing them out. I guess it comes down to the following: I want it to have good spin but more control, I want it to be quick but not hard a fast, I want it to last for a while, and I some feel in the hands. Any recommendations? I’m thinking either a ALL or a Def blade. What do you think about a Hadraw VK with Tackiness Drive on both sides.



Coach Nan Li, Ask The ExpertsAnswer: Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your question and interest in Butterfly table tennis equipment.
I completely agree with your suggestion of the Hadraw VK blade with Tackiness Drive on both your forehand and backhand.
This combination should provide you with good spin, speed and control for your playing style.  The Tackiness Drive rubbers are also very durable and should be what you are looking for.

Hope you find this helpful and enjoy your new upgraded equipment!

Nan Li
Coach @ WCTTA