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Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer

Question: I’m a medical student who plays for a few hours every other week or so and have been playing for 1.5 years. I changed styles a couple times and have finally settled into a unique style 6 months ago, unique because I have a connective tissue disorder (distal arthrogyrposis, Type 1) that leaves my thumbs double jointed, but my wrist unable to extend back very far, but with increased ability to flex forward. I play a variation of what I’ve come to understand is a unique variant of the Seemiller grip (see youtube video) and recently I beat a friend who has a 2400+ rank in best of 7 twice. I seem to have a knack for TT, but I have no formal coaching and no idea how to go about choosing equipment (I have a Palio Legend 2 pre-made bat that is worn down). I play a game where I’m never more than a step off the table, tons of forehand spin and power, great blocks to both side, and I use my backhand side of the paddle for BH push-cuts and chops only. I realize having watched a lot of TT on youtube lately that my style is… uncommon… so I really need the help of an expert. How do I maximize my close to the table loop and block game with one side of the paddle and make the most of my offside rubber by maximizing backspin potential? I don’t twiddle my paddle like other Seemiller players, instead preferring my BH side for generating heavy backspin shots during the short game or chops in recovery so that I can step back up to the table. If compromise is called for, I’d prefer to favor my FH attacking game. Advice on racket, FH rubber, and BH rubber would be greatly appreciated as the choices out there are overwhelming! Price isn’t an issue as I have decided I want to splurge in the name of my favorite hobby.

Many thanks in advance!

Coach Dan Seemiller, Ask The ExpertsAnswer: Hi Zach,

Thanks for your inquiry. The video helped.

What I use is Tenergy 05 on my forehand and anti-spin on the backhand. I mostly just use the Tenergy rubber as I am a one sided player.

I would recommend Tenergy 05, 1.9mm on the forehand and Super Anti on the backhand on a Petr Korbel blade. This combination will give you power and spin with Tenergy 05 and dead balls and change of pace with the anti-spin.

I’m not sure how much you use the shakehand backhand – if you use it regularly I would not recommend the anti-spin. Anti-spin is useful as a change of pace and to force the opponent into waiting to see which side struck the ball.

Good Luck and enjoy,

Dan Seemiller

Head Coach at South Bend Table Tennis Center, South Bend, IN