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Help to Enforce New Rules by Azmy Ibrahim

(By Azmy Ibrahim) The purpose of this article is to help the OFFICIALS, THE REFEREES, THE UMPIRES, THE COACHES, AND THE PLAYERS, to apply the new rules while performing the games of the Table Tennis Sport. THE ARM SIGNALS The new rule enforces the umpire: * to raise the arm to the level of the […]

One step higher for second seeds, Zu Mingyu avenges Chinese Taipei defeat

(by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor) Surprise winner five days earlier at the 4th Taichung Open for the Disabled, at the 2017 Korea Para Open in Mungyeong, on Saturday 22nd July, Nathan Pellissier once again upset the odds. Just as in Chinese Taipei not seeded, competing in the very same event, he won the Men’s […]

2017 Edgeball Chicago International Table Tennis Open

(Courtesy of Edgeball Table Tennis / Photo: Ireneusz Kanabrodzki) Hi All! Only one week away from the deadline of one of the best tournaments in the USA! Here is the flyer for the 2017 Edgeball Chicago International Table Tennis Open to be held on August 12 and 13, 2017. Confirmed one of the top players are: Joao Monteiro […]

Updates on ICC Summer Table Tennis camps June 5 – Aug 25

(Courtesy of ICC) Beginner & Entry level (first time attendee): Basics are the main key to a solid foundation. Whatever age the player is, it is important to start the right way. It’s equally important for kids of any age to enjoy the sport, so fun and basics will be the theme. Hand-eye co-ordination and basic […]

Butterfly Catalog 2017 | Shooting | Making Of

(Courtesy of ButterflyMag) Watch top European players having fun at the Butterfly Catalog 2017 photo shoot. Feat. Andrea Todorovic, Adina Diaconu, Kristian Karlsson, Tiago Apolonia, Timo Boll. Please click Yasu Collection for more information.


(Courtesy of ButterflyMag) Thinking outside of the box is a term loosely used sometimes, but Steve Rowe on his mission to increase table tennis participation, certainly knows how to use simple ideas to some effect. Steve Rowe – by Thorsten Gohl In 2011 Steve founded the fitness programme called Aerobic Table Tennis, a programme that […]

Butterfly Presents: Footwork Drills by Stefan Feth, Drill No. 4

Butterfly Presents: Footwork Drills by Stefan Feth, Drill No. 4 Butterfly Presents: Footwork Drills by Stefan Feth, Drill No. 4 (Video by Stefan Feth / Bowmar Sports) Table Tennis Footwork Drills by Stefan Feth, Drill No. 4: A favorite of Coach Stefan Feth, one ball from the middle and one ball from the corner.

“Elvis Table” at Pong Planet designed by Gary Alcares

Limited Edition/One of a kind Butterfly Table designed by Gary Alcares at Pong Planet PongPlanet is a full-time Table Tennis club located at 848 Brittan Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070. We offer the highest quality courts, equipment and instruction in the area, along with a  variety of programs for adults and juniors of all abilities. […]


(By Brian Pace) One of the aspects of coaching I have encountered is the reluctant athlete that questions if they should have a coach. That is the type of athlete that feels they are talented enough that they can reach the elite level without anyone that has provided them with an elite experience. That is […]