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2017 Butterfly West Coast Open Canceled

2017 Butterfly West Coast Open – Canceled Due To Unforeseeable Complications

2017 Butterfly West Coast Open – Canceled Due To Unforeseeable Complications

2017 Butterfly West Coast Open Canceled
Letter submitted by Meng-Yu

Dear 2017 Butterfly West Coast Participants,

It is with great regret that we are cancelling this tournament at such a late time. Mere hours ago, we were informed by the tournament venue (which was booked and paid for months in advance and confirmed multiple times) that the gym space would not be available to use this Saturday and Sunday because the facility management had double-booked the venue. We attempted to persuade the facility management that we should be allowed to proceed with our event, they refused and informed us that the volleyball event would proceed, not ours, even after trying to thoroughly and wholeheartedly explain the fact that we are expecting hundreds of players, some even flying overseas to play in the West Coast Open.

We attempted our best to try and find an alternative tournament venue, but we unfortunately were unable to do so with such short notice. We are incredibly saddened in cancelling this tournament, but we are left with no other choice. Certainly, we are fully aware that virtually all of you players have traveled great lengths and placed great commitment in coming to Livermore to attend our tournament, which makes this cancellation all the more difficult and troublesome. Likewise, please be assured that we take this matter incredibly seriously and will be taking action.

We understand that most of you will be wondering about the entry and miscellaneous tournament fees you have already paid. We do have the full intention to refund the fees you have paid; however, given the sudden and unexpected nature of the preceding events, we will not be able to do so immediately. Furthermore, as stated previously, we acknowledge the travel expenses most of you are incurring to attend this tournament, but regretfully, we will be unable to refund any travel expenses. As the late hours of the night unroll, we as the tournament committee, are still hard at work in trying to figure out the best way to solve the plethora of troubles that have come upon everyone involved in the tournament as a result of this cancellation.

It is our hope that all of you will be able to view this email prior to any further unnecessary travels; as such, please inform other players who have signed up for this tournament regarding the cancellation. We will be sure to keep everyone updated on how things proceed, so for the time being, we most graciously ask for your understanding, support, as well as any constructive feedback you may wish to offer.

Most sincerely,
Meng-Yu Wang
President – Cedar Rapids Table Tennis Club