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Bryce HighSpeed

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High performance coating with “microlayer” technology

Bryce High Speed Rubber

In this rubber developed by Butterfly “microlayer” technology is used to enhance the grip at the ball contact.

The combination with the “High Tension” technology leads to greater rotation and pace than the previous BRYCE series.

“BRYCE HIGH SPEED “is recommended for male and female players, the special emphasis on the clout and create a strongly curved trajectory of their balls.

Bryce HighSpeed Specifications





High Speed ​​in a new dimension of further development of “High Tension” technology

The High Tension technology interweaves the molecules of various rubber material so that the rubber in contact with the ball contracted very intense. Thus, the ball gets a reinforced Abprallimpuls.

18 years ago the first BRYCE flooring with High Tension technology has been brought to market. Since as long ago the Department of research works and development of Butterfly on refining this technology, the ability of the rubber material to speed development to increase still further.

The latest result of this research is Bryce HIGH SPEED which the ball higher speed gives as all other coverings developed to date.



Micro Layer


The new “microlayer” technology increasing speed and rotation

Micro Layer vs NormalFurthermore, a new achievement of the Butterfly research is processed in BRYCE HIGH SPEED: the technique of “microlayer”. In addition to the enormous speed the ball can be given upon contact also much rotation.

The flooring surface is remarkably thin. The pad is pressed in contact with the ball and the surface contracts. A high rotation is generated in tangential meeting place. It was deliberately chosen a simple nap structure, which optimizes the covering on speed.



The ball flies at high speed in a curved trajectory.

The ball flies at high speed in a curved trajectory.

Bryce HighSpeed vs Bryce Speed: Compression Differences at Ball Bounce

Video image of a ten-thousandth of a second

Bryce HighSpeed vs Bryce Speed: Compression Differences

Video image of a ten-thousandth of a second

Differences in the compression The ball penetrates deeper into the BRYCE HIGH SPEED. Comparison of the compression to the bounce of the ball.
The ball of BRYCE HIGH SPEED moves at a higher speed to the upper right.




Chart: Bryce HighSpeed Chart: Bryce Speed
Whichever player the lining is useful for?
The lining is recommended players, estimate the maximum penetrating power with a curved trajectory and equally fits for modern, backhand oriented offensive game.


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