Ask The Experts: Yangyang Jia, No. 246
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Ask The Experts: Yangyang Jia, No. 388

Ask The Experts: Yangyang Jia, No. 246

Ask The Experts: Yangyang Jia, No. 246
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer


I was a frequent recreational player of table tennis years ago. I just started playing again and I wanted to invest in a bat that fits my playing style. I like a bat with a softer feel. I tend to play more defensive but like to use spin and counter with a forehand smash. I would say I’m an all around player who is comfortable playing defensively. Although I will still be playing recreationally, I would like to know which types of blades, rubber, and sponge would you recommend for my playing style and desired feel of bat?



Your Ask the Experts question was answered by Yangyang Jia. Coach Jia is a table tennis coach on YouTube and her response is as follows:


Thank you for reaching out to us. I am glad to hear that you come back to play table tennis again. It is a fun game that helps you keep body and mental heathy. We hope you could continue playing. For your question –

First, the feel of a blade is personal preference, I can’t guarantee that the blades I feel soft will also fits you. But since I love to play with soft blade as well, I know Butterfly has lots of good blades that are relative soft, you could try them out.

Second, you mentioned that you are an all-round player who tend to play more defensive. So, I would say Primorac is a prefect beginning / intermediate level of blade for players who are all-round. It’s an overall best-selling blade, provides good feel and control. If you want to try more advanced blades,Timo Boll ALC and Mizutani Jun ZLC would be really good choices. They could help you generate more spins and bring more power on your forehand smash. Those two are more for offensive playing style, but I believe those would fit you very well too.

Third, for rubber: Since you are more like a defensive player, please be aware that the thinner rubber is better for you, like 1.7mm or 1.9mm, those are used by more control or all-around player. I would highly recommend you to try Rozena. It’s a high performance rubber with great spin and sufficient power. I recommended it to a lot of my students, they all love playing with it. If you want more advanced rubbers, please try Tenergy 05 FX or Tenergy 80.

So, overall, I would recommend you try the blade from: Butterfly Maze, Primorac,  Viscaria, Timo Boll ALC, Mizutani Jun ZLC (price from low to high, level from beginning to advanced).

Rubbers from: Sriver, Rozena, Tenergy 05 FX, Tenergy 80 (price from low to high, level from beginning to advanced).

I hope this would help you make better decision with your equipment.

Best wishes to you.

Coach Jia

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