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Ask The Experts: Min Kim No. 263

Ask The Experts: Min Kim No. 263 Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer


Hi, I am a female senior player. I do play 3 times a week and I’ve been playing with shakehands style about two years. I am a member of KTTCW in Northern Virginia. I am trying to purchase a racket but too many technical terms and choices. I am a little fast pace player consider the age and prefer a lighter than heavy racket. Please give me recommendations with a different racket woods and rubbers with price range. Thank you in advance for your recommendations. 1 I have two rackets – carbon Striga and Butterfly Sriver d13-L 2 Stiga is about two years old and Butterfly is fairly new 3 I am guessing that I like lighter racket with thinner handle.  Butterfly handle is too thick 4 Coach is recommending better or higher quality a racket (better rubber) 5 forehand style – short and fast offensive style 6 backhand style – not reached high level yet so more defensive style 7 I don’t know.  If you recommend, one side rubber and the other with pimpled, I’m willing to try.  But I’ve been using red and black color rubbers. 8 I hope to find better handling, fitting and performing a racket. 9 My budget –  open I hope my answer give you a clue to find a better racket.  Thank you  


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This Ask the Experts question was answered by Min Kim. She is the coach at MK Georgia Table Tennis in Duluth, Georgia. Coach Kim’s response is below:

Hi Jennifer,
I would recommend the following –
Racket: Zhang Jike Super ZLC ST – The strong advantage is high reaction so that you may improve your power and stable attacking with the expansion of the high-reaction area.
Rubber: Dignics 05 – It generates a high level attacking play with powerful topspin and counter-spin close to the table and at mid distance
Advantage of the combination: The combination is good for offensive player with fast attacking at close to the table, at mid and long distance as well. Also grip is thinner than other racket.
However, as it has high reaction, please pay more attention on controlling not to miss the ball.
Best of luck!
Coach Kim


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