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Ask The Experts: Gao Jun, No. 194

Ask The Experts: Gao Jun, No. 194

Ask The Experts: Gao Jun, No. 194
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer


Blade: Hardraw jpv-s
Forehand Rubber: Tenergy 05
Backhand Rubber: Tenergy 05 fx

Hello,I am an intermediate player.I prefer to play closer to the table using lots of spin and table location to score points .Top spin and chop shots usually. I play mostly backhand and only switch to forehand when smashing.
Unfortunately many people play a smash /power stroke type of game leaving me to play mostly defense.Because I’m always needing to recover, I prefer the lightest paddles .Please help me find the rubber and blade that can slow the ball down so that i can control the games pace but doesn’t have me forcing the ball over the net,while allowing me to make those high spin /placement shots .I appreciate your help.



This Ask the Experts question was answered by Coach Jun Gao. She is the head coach at California Table Tennis in Rosemead, CA. Coach Gao’s response is as follows:

Hi Oden,

 I think the combination of the Hadraw and Tenergy 05 are too fast for you at this time.

 I would suggest you change to a slower blade or change your rubber to Rozena which will offer better control. If you prefer, you could try the Garaydia Revolver-R withTenergy 05 FX.

 Best wishes!

 Coach Gao


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