Road to ITTF-North American Hopes Event

(By Bruce Liu)

There are five Trials in the US for US players who were born in 2004 and 2005 to qualify. Here is the schedules.

So far, two Trials, one in Maryland and the other in southern California, have been completed. All top three finishers in the Trials will earn a place to compete in the North American Hopes Event in April competing with the kids from Canada. Only one boy and one girl will represent North America to compete in the Hopes World event later this year.

It seems that the Bay Area players are doing well. Four of the Bay Area kids have qualified to compete with their Canadian peers in April in New Jersey. And there are still three Trials to come, including the one here in the Bay Area.

Qualified players:

– Avi Gupta (ICC) finished second at the Maryland Trials.
– Aneesh Raghavan (ICC) and Aziz Zarehbin (Alameda) finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively at the Grace Lin TTC Trials in southern California.
– Emily Tan (SVTTC) finished first also at the Grace Lin TTC Trials in southern California.

It seems that we have strong even younger kids to follow the footsteps of Ariel, Lily…

Congratulations to all qualifiers.