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More than a decade of research has led to the latest sponge         Incorporating tension in the sponge, the rubber surface or combined in both. High
technology created by the engineers at Butterfly, Spring Sponge.    Tension stands for a modern table tennis characterized by lots of feel, spin variations
The most notable feature of this new technology is a sense of       and fierce dynamics.
“catching” the ball. The secret to the Spring Sponge is the unique  Intensive research made possible a broad selection of high powered rubbers which
material compositon and air inside the sponge; it expands and       comply with the highest quality standards:
contracts just like a spring! Spring Sponge will make you feel in   • The optimized surface remains adhesive without protective film, like all our rubbers
total control.                                                      • If the rubber is exposed to oxygen, it does not cause stains to the surface
                                                                    • These rubbers are more resistant to blistering and cracks despite their high tension
SPIN ART                                                            • The tension is evenly balanced, thus there will not be any deformation of the rubber

High Friction High                                                  ROUNDELL
Tension Rubber with
Strenghtened Bounce                                                 Fulfill Your Potential

 11.9 11.5 48                                                        12.8 10.2 35

ROUNDELL HARD                                                       ROUNDELL SOFT

Speed, Spin and                                                     Speed and Spin

12.8 10.2 40                                                        12.8 10.2 32

SRIVER G3                                                           SRIVER G3 FX

SRIVER – Generation                                                 SRIVER G3 with
Three for the                                                       Greater Control
Non-Glue Era
                                                                     13.5 10 32
 13.5 10 38

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