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Ask The Experts: Andre Ho, No. 59

Ask The Experts: Andre Ho, No. 150

Ask The Experts: Andre Ho, No. 150
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer

Blade: Ma Lin Carbon
Forehand: Nittaku Renasos Hold
Backhand: Nittaku Renasos Hold

Question: Hello, My question is about the short serves.
Which part of the ball I have to touch for classic pendulum side-topspin serves (more up spin) ? More bottom, middle or top part?
Thank you in advance

Coach Andre Ho, Ask The ExpertsAnswer: Hi Ilian,

Thank you for your question,

To get more topspin on your serve, I would suggest that you try to contact the ball in the middle part. This will allow you to get more dwell time with the ball. Important factor to remember is increasing the dwell time on your racket is directly related to acceleration of the motion.

Hope this helps improve your game, best of luck!

Andre Ho
Head Coach at Bridgeport Sports Club, Richmond, BC